Priorclave are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Laboratory Autoclaves for use in the food, drink, dairy, health and pharmaceutical industries. They operate at up to 2.4 Bar, with capacities from 40 to 700L and over.

  • Benchtop autoclaves
    Bench mounting Priorclave autoclaves are available in large 40L or 60L capacities using the minimum of bench space. Supplied complete with two stainless steel shelves and optional mounting stands, stainless baskets and stainless waste containers are available. Both capacities are available as Vacuum Models.
  • Front loading autoclaves
    These models are available in 100, 150 and 200L capacities heated either electrically or by direct steam. A new Large Capacity Front Loading autoclave with a 320L capacity has recently been added to the range.
  • Front loading rectangular autoclaves
    For those occasions when only ‘square’ will do! Perfect for high volume throughput as well as large or bulky items. Priorclave Rectangular Section autoclaves combine a huge internal capacity with a small floor area. They are available in capacities from 230L to 700L and above.
  • Top loading autoclaves
    The top loading models have a compact design for modern laboratories where space is at a premium. Available in 100 and 150L capacities heated either electrically or by direct steam, they feature especially low loading heights for the capacity available. They are supplied complete with a stainless steel Load Support Plate and with two (100L) or three (150L) stainless steel mesh baskets. Stainless steel waste containers are also available to suit these models.
  • Double Ended autoclaves
    These autoclaves are available in capacities from 150 to 700L and above with other sizes available on request. They are available either electrically or direct steam heated and can be fitted with with steam / water jackets if required.

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