Innovation in Incubation

The Ruskinn brand was founded in 1993 and rapidly became established as one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of anaerobic and modified atmosphere workstations.
Ruskinn Technology Limited has over 1700 workstation installations in more than 40 countries. The company and production centre is located in its own purpose built manufacturing facility in Pencoed, South Wales, UK.



A range of easy-to-use anaerobic and microaerophilic incubated workstations for growing obligate or facultative anaerobes. The anaerobic workstations are designed specifically to help microbiologists cope with rising workloads and provide the best primary isolation rates.



A range of O2 and CO2 controlled incubated workstations providing stable physiological ‘in vivo’ conditions. The controlled oxygen workstations precisely replicate low-oxygen 'in vivo' physiology to offer the ideal research platform for cell biologists and cancer researchers. The workstations provide accurate, stable, and user-defined oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity control, creating the optimal environment for cell culture and translational research.


A range of closed, continuous cell culture systems providing very stable ‘in vivo’ conditions.

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