Aralab has a range of climatic test chambers that are fully user-oriented. They constantly look at the present and future needs of customers. The research for new climate control technologies and the integration of highly specialized human resources allows them to ensure the development of new products and technical solutions. They develop specific monitoring and software tools that you only find in an aralab chamber. Their ClimaPlus controllers and FitoLog software allow real time monitoring, giving the technicians the necessary data to remotely carry out a fast (less than an hour), efficient diagnostic.

Product range:

BIO - Biological Growth & Biotechnology

  • Plant growth and tissue culture
  • Arabidopsis research
  • Entomology research
  • Seeds dehydration
  • Control systems


  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Food products
  • Control systems

TESTING - Environmental tests in industry

  • Climatic chambers
  • Temperature test chambers
  • Metrology - temperature and humidity calibration
  • Solar panels testing
  • Cure for cement and mortars
  • Control systems
  • Other environmental chambers

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