Metis Biotechnologies

METIS Biotechnologies is an Independent privately held company incorporated in 2000 and a pioneer in developing methods of analysis using Flow Cytometry.
It’s expertise is expressed primarily on the deployment of rapid microbiological analyses.

The risk of microbiological contamination is THE MAJOR RISK common to many sectors (Food-processing industry, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Personnal Care Products...). Traditional methods exist, but they have two major drawbacks: the response time, and difficulties to implement. Alternative methods such as ATPMetry are used but its accuracy is not always its advantage. Mastering the absolute security of your consumers is a duty but also has a cost (inventory, analyses) that you must master.

The solution: METIS Flow cytometry !

Flow Cytometry is a proven, simple to implement (5-10 minutes) method, providing at an unmatched speed your results (less than one hour)
Running on all matrices (liquid, solid, pastry) with remarkable accuracy.
The methods work on both the total viable bacteria (TVC), yeasts and molds, as on pathogens (METIS patent).

The specificities of our tools allow you to:

 - To develop screening tools to your products and environment control, with a guarantee of total security to your customers
 - With a fast response and an easy implementation : a decrease in cost and stock management.

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