Does the spiral plate method give the same results as the traditional method?

Eddy Jet 2W - Spiral Plater

In 1973, Gilchrist et al. compared the spiral plate method with the pour plate procedure when using pure and mixed cultures. The results obtained with the spiral plate method showed no differences in variance that were within the error limits for traditional quantitative methods.

In 1977, Jarvis et al. compared the spiral plate method with the pour plate, surface spread plate, and drop count, using four types of food and different operators, from beginners to experienced microbiologists. The results showed no statistically significant differences between the methods, either between the types of food used or between the operators. Even the variations that could be found with different operators were smaller when using the spiral dish.

In many cases, the spiral plate method can replace one of the other methods for the quantitative determination of viable microorganisms in food. Jarvis et al. that performing 100 colony counts with the spiral plate method required only 31% of the labor needed for the drop count method.


The advantages of the spiral method.

  • Reduces the number of serial dilutions required for microbiological assays. 
  • Reduces the number of petri dishes required. 
  • The growth rate is the same.
  • The spiral method allows for a reduction in the counting procedure.
  • Different diameters of petri dishes can be used.


Why would you choose the Eddy Jet 2W from IUL?

The Eddy Jet 2W is a two-in-one method. Diluter and plater in one.

This allows the user to: 

  • Decrease the cost per test.
  • Decrease the handling time.
  • Increase productivity

The advantages of the Eddy Jet

The Eddy Jet/spiral plater from IUL enhances the benefits of the spiral plater method and increases the performance and safety of the procedure.

Easy to use.

Trained in less than 5 minutes: place a Petri plate, press the "play button" on the Eddy Jet 2W innovative color touch screen, and that's it- PLUG & PLATE!

Time Savings

Sterilization of microinjection syringes with electron beam, eliminating the need for cleaning cycles and saving considerable time.

High Precision

Spiral plating is a fully validated microbiological method, see: ISO 7218/ AOAC 977.27/ FDA (BAM Ch.3). Verification protocols are available for the device spirals.

Different volumes

Ability to disperse end volumes in different distribution patterns, depending on the program selected.

Accurate distribution pattern, whether proportional, logarithmic or linear.

Prevents Cross-contamination

An exclusive, patented microsyringe technology ensures true sample sterility. Since no disinfectants are used, the Eddy Jet 2W eliminates any false-negative results due to transfer of disinfectants.

Eddy Jet 2W, more productivity for microbiology labs

The Eddy Jet 2W reduces the cost per test, hands-on time and consumable usage during bacterial counts, while increasing the productivity of a microbiology laboratory.