Mepresso: Sterilize 500 ml of media, without autoclave, in 15 minutes!



Thanks to its compact design, its small dimensions and its low weight, you can install the Mespresso anywhere in your laboratory. An electrical outlet is the only requirement.


Ready for immediate use 24/24 - 7/7, you no longer need to wait to sterilize your media.


Thanks to the concept of direct energy transfer, the sterilization of liquid media takes very little time! Just enough time for a coffee or tea.



A revolution in the sterilization of liquid media.

In the Mespresso autoclave, the heat / energy required for sterilization is delivered directly into the medium. Microwaves are used as a source of energy, so that the heating of the fluid is direct and uniform.

Compared to a traditional steam autoclave, sterilization takes 5 times less time, while exposure to high temperatures is very short (60 to 90 seconds). This minimizes the distribution of media composition.

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