No time: start using Neogen Petrifilm™ Plates

No time no problem: 3M petrifilm

Contrary to traditional agar methods, the Neogen petrifilm™ plates are immediately ready for use. Save on time-consuming preparations. Petrifilm's compact size means you need less storage and incubator space, and they always give consistent and reliable results.


Only 3 steps

  • Inoculate: the petrifilms are immediately usable
  • Incubate: a compact incubator is all you need
  • Interpret: fast and easy

The benefits of using the Neogen Petrifilms™

  • 85% less space than the classic agar.
  • 45% less work
  • 80% increased efficiency
  • 1/2 faster data

Together with Neogen for a green future

The future is green - make sure your lab is also a good choice with Neogen Petrifilm™ Plates, a significantly more sustainable alternative to traditional agar methods.



Tested and approved

The Neogen petri plates™ have different validations: 

  • AOAC® Official methods of analysisSM
  • AOAC® Performance Tested MethodsSM
  • NF-VALIDATION by AFNOR certification
  • Numerous regional and local approvals



An overview of the possibilities

3M Petriplates


The Rapid variants

  • Petrifilm Rapid aerobic counting
  • Petrifilm Rapid Yeast & Mold counting
  • Petrifilm Rapid Coliform counting


The other variants

  • Petrifilm Aerobic counting
  • Petrifilm Coliform count
  • Petrifilm E.coli/Coliform count
  • Petrifilm Enterobacteriaceae Count
  • Petrifilm Select E.coli count plate
  • Petrifilm High Sensitivity Coliform Count
  • Petrifilm Staph Express Count
  • Petrifilm Environmental Listeria
  • Petrifilm Yeast & Fungus count
  • Petrifilm Lactic acid count plate

Water test

  • Petrifilm Aqua Heterotrophic counting
  • Petrifilm Aqua Coliform count
  • Petrifilm Aqua Yeast and Mould counting

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