Sterile treated culture flasks, 600 ml, standard

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Article number. LXCCFP-60S-040

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Manufactured with USP VI crystal class virgin polystyrene in a 100000 grade clean room. Treated surface. Flat base which is free from striation to maximize the usable growth area. Polyethylene cap available in two versions: blind standard cap for closed systems and vented cap with a 0.22 micron hydrophobic membrane to allow gas exchange minimizing the risk of cross contamination. Angled neck design to improve access or pipettes and cell scrapers. Engraved graduation on both sides and writing area next to the neck. Sterilized by gamma irradiation and certified free of DNAse, RNAse and pyrogens. Packed in resealable bags or 10 units (flasks or 25 and 50 ml) or 5 units (flasks or 250 and 600 ml)

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock