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The Heal Force HF100 CO2 incubators are widely used in scientific research to grow and maintain cell cultures. A Heal Force CO2 incubator provides you with unsurpassed natural simulation to ensure optimum growth conditions for your culture at all time. Features: Precise Temperature, CO2, O2 Control and High Humidity - HF100 incubator adopts direct heat design ensures quick heating and rapid temperature recovery. - It uses two individual PT1000 temperature sensors which offer high precision. - An integrated water level sensor is used. - The incubator provides independent over-temperature safety control - IR or TCD CO2 sensor offers specific measurement and accurate control of CO2levels. - The incubator has automatic calibration function, which helps ensure accuracy. - CO2 steel cylinder auto switch device is available as a standard configuration. - The incubator uses a Zirconia gas sensor for accurate control of oxygen concentration from 1% to 85%. - Relative humidity measurement and display is available. - HF100 incubator adopts 90 moist heat disinfection cycle. The CO2 sensor can remain in the chamber during disinfection. - CO2 gas passes through a HEPA filter before entering the chamber. - Chambers are pressed from a single sheet of stainless steel, with no weld or seam. - Easily removable, replaceable shelves make cleaning chambers a breeze. - Innovative design of water reservoir accelerates humidifying process. - A heated outer door minimizes cold spot that leads to condensation. - The new sealed inner glass doors reduce recovery time of temperature, CO2and humidity. Specifications: - Temp. Control Method: Direct heat, Air jacket - Humidity range (% RH): 95% ±3% - Temp. Control Sensor: Pt1000 - Temp. Range (): Ambient +3 to 55 - Temp. Deviation (): ±0.10 - Recovery Time: 7 min (After 30 sec. door opening) - CO2 Control System: Microprocessor PID - Standard Quantity of Shelves: 3 - CO2 Control Range (% CO2): 0-20 - Max Quantity of Shelves: 10 - Control Accuracy: ±0.1% (at 37 ) - CO2 Sensor: IR standard or TC optional - O2 Range (%O2): 1.0-25.0, 3.0-85.0 - Control Accuracy±0.2% (at 37 ) - O2 sensor: Zirconuim - Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock