HANNA HI93754A-25 COD VIALS LR 5-150MG/L 25 T

Brand Hanna Instruments

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Accurate and repeatable measurements Hanna Instruments COD vials have been developed in accordance with Standard Methods 5220D, USEPA 410.4 and ISO15705: 2002 methods. Pre-dosed vials The Hanna Instruments vial contains approximately 3 ml of pre-dosed reagent. The user only needs a small one quantity of sample to add, 2 ml for LR and MR, and 0.2 ml for HR measurements. Fast and accurate measurements With the pre-dosed vials, the preparation time becomes greatly reduced for the tests. There is no time consuming preparation of reagents or cleaning of the glass. Every box with 25 vials is provided from a Hanna Instruments quality certificate. The reagents are traceable to NIST SRM® 930.

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock