Hanna HI2004-02 Edge benchtop

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DO innovation at the cutting edge edge®DO is thin and light: only 12 mm thick and weighs less than 250 grams. edge® has an LCD screen with incredibly wide viewing angle and sensitive capacitive keys. edge®DO measures dissolved oxygen through its unique DO electrodes. After connecting with a simple 3.5 mm plug, these digital electrodes are automatically recognized: sensor type, calibration data and serial number. The versatile design of edge®DO can be used as a portable, benchtop or wall-mounted meter. edge®DO makes everything easier: measurement, configuration, calibration, diagnostics, logging and transferring data directly to a computer or USB stick. Clark-type polarographic probe with easy-to-replace membrane cap for all ranges of 0.00-45.00 mg / l (ppm), 0.0-300% air saturation Accuracy ± 1.5% full scale One or two-point calibration (HI7040), 0% (solution) and 100% (air) Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) from 0 to 50 ° C Height compensation from -500 to 4000 m Salinity compensation from 0 to 40 g / L GLP data: date, time, calibration standards, altitude and salinity value

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock