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The HI96801 sucrose (sucrose) is sturdy, portable and water-resistant for laboratory or field measurements. Each instrument offers a specific analysis to determine accurate sugar concentrations. These optical instruments use the refractive index measurement to determine parameters related to the analysis of sugar concentration. The current refractive index measurement is simple and fast and provides the user with a standard accepted method for analyzing sugar content. Samples are measured after a simple calibration by the user with deionized or distilled water. Within a few seconds, these instruments measure the refractive index of the sample and convert it to% Brix. These digital refractometers eliminate the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers and are easy to carry for measurements in the field. These instruments use internationally recognized references for unitary conversion and temperature compensation and use methodology recommended in the ICUMSA method books (internationally recognized body for sugar analysis). Temperature (in ° C) is shown on the large two-part screen at the same time as the measurement, along with low voltage icons and other helpful messages. HI 96801 measures the refractive index to determine the% Brix of sucrose in aqueous solutions. The refractive index of the sample is converted to% Brix concentration units. Professional features The two-part LCD display shows the measurement and the temperature at the same time Automatic temperature compensation Easy measurement Place a few drops of the sample in the sample cell and press the read key IP65 water-resistant protection Fast, precise results Measurements are displayed after approximately 1.5 seconds 1-point calibration With distilled or deionized water Sample can be as small as 2 drops Automatic switch off Sample cell from stainless steel

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock