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Hanna offers the HI 96821 digital sodium chloride refractometers to meet the requirements of the food industry. This optical instrument uses the refractive index measurement to determine the sodium chloride concentration in aqueous solutions used in food preparation. The device is not intended for sea water salinity measurements. The refractive index measurement is simple and fast and provides the user with an accepted method for NaCl analysis. Samples are measured after a simple calibration by the user with deionized or distilled water. These instruments measure the refractive index of the solution within a few seconds. The digital refractometer eliminates the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers and is easy to carry for measurements where you need them. The instrument uses internationally recognized references for unit conversion and temperature compensation. It can show the measurement of NaCl concentration in four different ways: g / 100 g, g / 100 ml, relative density and ° Baumé. Temperature (in ° C) is shown at the same time as the measurement (in three of the ranges) on the large two-part screen, along with low voltage icons and other helpful message codes. Easy operation When the HI 96821 is turned on, test screens are displayed, followed by the remaining percentage of battery voltage and the measurement status. Unit selection Simply press the range key to scroll through the measurement units of the HI 96821: g / 100g, g / 100 ml, relative density and ° Baumé. Temperature selection can also be easily changed. Calibration Perform a quick and easy calibration after start-up: Use a plastic pipette, completely cover the prism in the sample cell with distilled or deionized water Press the zero key Measurements Achieve fast, professional results: Use a plastic pipette, drop the sample onto the prism surface until the sample cell is full Press the read key and the results are shown in the selected units Working principle Aqueous NaCl determinations are made by measuring the refractive index of a solution. The refractive index is an optical property of a substance and the number of dissolved particles in it. The refractive index is defined as the ratio of the speed of light in an empty space with the speed of light in the substance. The consequence of this property is that light will "break" or change direction when passing through a substance with a different refractive index. This is called refraction. When an incoming light beam passes from a material with a higher to a lower refractive index, there is a critical angle at which it can no longer be broken, but instead is reflected from the interface. The critical angle can be used to easily calculate the refractive index according to the equation: sin (critical) = n2 / n1. n 2 is the refractive index of the lower density medium; n1 is the refractive index of the medium with the higher density. In the HI 96821 refractometer, the light from an LED comes into contact with the sample through a prism. An image sensor determines the critical angle at which the light is no longer broken by the sample. Specialized algorithms then determine the temperature compensation for the measurement and convert the refractive index into: g / 100g (% per mass), g / 100 ml, relative density (S.G. 20/20) or ° Baumé. Professional features The two-part LCD display shows the measurement and the temperature at the same time Automatic temperature compensation Easy measurement Place a few drops of the sample in the sample cell and press the read key IP65 water-resistant protection Fast, precise results Measurements are displayed after approximately 1.5 seconds 1-point calibration With distilled or deionized water Small sized sample, from 2 drops Automatic switch off Sample cell from stainless steel

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock