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HI 98129 is a water-resistant tester that guarantees highly accurate results with pH, EC / TDS and temperature measurements with a single tester! You no longer have to change meters for your routine measurements. These floating water-resistant testers have a large, easy-to-read two-part LCD screen and automatic shut-off. pH and EC / TDS measurements are automatically temperature compensated (ATC). You no longer need to throw your tester away when the pH electrode is used up. These technologically advanced testers have a replaceable electrode with both a cloth junction and a graphite EC / TDS electrode that resists contamination with salts and other substances. This makes these testers last longer. The user can choose the EC / TDS conversion factor and the temperature compensation coefficient (ß). Fast, efficient, accurate and portable, the combination tester for pH, EC / TDS and temperature gives you the functions you need and more! Replaceable pH electrode The combo has an easily replaceable pH electrode and a pull-out cloth junction. A sturdy snap-in connector means that there are no pins that can bend or break. High accuracy The graphite conductivity electrode provides greater accuracy because it cannot be contaminated by salts in the solution. The temperature sensor has a fast response time and guarantees accurate temperature-compensated measurements. Battery status on the screen The LCD screen shows the battery percentage at start-up Standard or NIST buffer calibration Automatic calibration is performed with two sets of memorized buffers for greater accuracy. Adjustable TDS ratio For accurate measurements, users can choose between different conversion factors from conductivity (EC) to TDS.

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock