Interscience Diluflow Elite Double Pump 5Kg

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DiluFlow® Elite 5 kg (Single pump) is designed for the automatic dilution of a solid sample with the appropriate weight of diluent. Its traceability features enable the recording of all the operations. Programmable and connectable with up to 6 diluents, it is available in 1 kg and 5 kg versions. The 1 kg version is speci cally designed for cosmetological analyses (sample of 1-5 g requiring high accuracy). Key features Ultra low profile: easy use under a laminar flow LightCode: Color status LED Patents: GeckoGrip gripping system, removable DripTray, multi-dispensing mode, magnetic BagOpen® (patented shape) Warranty: 1 year Booster kit (in option): up to x 2 times faster Resolution up to 200 g: 0.01 g Robotic arm for easy sample insertion Jumbo kit option for 3500 mL bags Traceability: Printer / data export to Excel / monitoring software /CSV file export on USB stick / Bidirectional connectivity LIMS Connection: 2 USB outputs (to connect a printer, keyboard, bar-code reader, USB stick), 1 USB port (to connect a computer) , Jack output (to connect a food pedal, handy gun) Ethernet connection for LIMS Dilution time: < 8 s (for a 25 g sample diluted at 1/10 with booster kit in fast mode) Dilution factor: 2 to 1000, editable fractions Dilution accuracy: > 99 % (in standard or accurate mode) Max number of pumps: 2 integrated + 4 external

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock