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Digital rocking 3D shaker, controlled by a microprocessor, rocking motion in all aircraft, 3D effect, speed adjustable, controlled by a microprocessor, constant speed independent of load, smooth and progressive take-off and stop, independent of selected speed, backlit digital display LCD indicating selected and actual speed and timer (with audible alarm), membrane pushbutton control, automatic restart after unexpected shutdown while maintaining the same parameters as before the event. An incident sign appears on the display, non-slip surface, silent operation. Suitable for continuous use, packaging: 52x46x25cm


Technical specifications:

Model: SW8-3DE
Reference: 10000-01028
Shaking: /
Max. Load (kg): 5
Power (W): 50
Type of movement: Rocking 3D
Angle of slope: +/-8º in all aeroplanes (3D)
Speed range (osc. pm): 5-50
Resolution (osc.p.): 1
Timer (min): 0-120
General data: /
Sheet material: Non-slip surface
Useful surface area (mm): 290x260
Dimensions (mm): 340x400x125
Weight (kg): 4
Protection IP: IP54

Accessories: Matt with 12 channels 260x290 mm
For pipes with different diameters


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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock