Gilson Pipetman P10L, metal ejector

Gilson Pipetman P10L, metal ejector

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Designed with performance and comfort in mind, the PIPETMAN® L comes in a wide range of models tailored to your laboratory needs. Comfortable, precise, accurate and reliable, use PIPETMAN L pipettes confidently in your applications.

Convenient use
The light and balanced PIPETMAN L combines an ergonomic design with minimal pipetting forces, allowing you to pipette longer without fatigue.

Safe pipetting
Reduce pipetting errors and prevent accidental volume changes during pipetting cycles with a true volume locking mechanism for greater accuracy and precision.
PIPETMAN L variable-volume models are all fully autoclavable without disassembly for maximum convenience and protection against cross-contamination.


  • Adjustable or fixed volume: Adjustable volume
  • Pipette type: Manual air displacement
  • Volume range: 1-10 µL
  • Pipette model: P10L
  • Pipette range: PIPETMAN L
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Ejector type: Metal
  • Packaging unit: 1
  • Packaging unit: Each

Ref GILFA10002M


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