Labwit 90L chilled incubator 4-65°C


The BOD incubators of LABWIT's ZXSD series are designed to meet a variety of advanced experimental needs ranging from BOD determination to incubation of microorganism cultures, sample preservation, Drosophila incubation and enzymatic activity determination. All these applications require precise and constant temperature control. There is a wide temperature range from -18 °C (minimum 4 °C) to 65 °C. The (cooling) compressor runs continuously and control is via a solenoid valve for better accuracy.
ZXSD series BOD incubators also have a backup program in case of power failure, the stored parameters remain in the memory of the microprocessor. So your experiment will resume under the same conditions, even if it is interrupted by a power cut.


The P.I.D. microprocessor ensures the precision of temperature control in both fixed value mode and program mode.

  • Large blue LCD display for the temperature diagram, easy readout for program control.
  • Three-dimensional heating system ensures fast response and high uniformity of ±1.0°C@37°C.
  • Sound cooling system with CFC-free refrigerant.
  • Automatic defrosting: only minimal ice formation and very low heat dissipation to the working area can continue during defrosting.
  • 3-step adjustable fan speed, providing a more precisely controlled environment for incubations, without the worry of media or samples drying out.
  • Real-time electronic timer from 0 to 999 minutes.
  • Password protection of all parameters against unauthorized access.
  • Non-volatile memory retains preset parameters in the event of power failure.
  • Triple safety protection for samples, incubator and environment.
  • Independent device for overheating, high current and electrical leakage.

Selling price: 2340 euro excl. VAT

Ref:    Zca1090



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