The new Dilugent® Shaker: a new tool for a safer and traceable use of Dilucup Elegance!

Dilugent Shaker

Dilugent® Shaker is designed to provide a more efficient and repeatable workflow when making dilutions, in addition to saving up to 50% of the time spent compared to traditional methods.
The instrument is equipped with two sensors on the sides that allow use without physical contact. The 42 LED lights help the operator during the dilution process by showing which cup to process.


Good reasons to replace a Dilushaker III with a Dilugent® Shaker

  • More comfortable when pipetting with Dilugent® Shaker because it is lower and the arm does not have to be as high.
  • Easier to adjust the shaking time and motor speed.
  • Possibility to change the number of dilutions between 2 samples with a simple click.
  • Sensors on the sides reduce unintentional shaking that can happen
  • Dilus shaker while working.
  • Dilugent® Shaker makes it possible to control more parameters than DSIII, such as a sample, batch, and user identification (not available on Light version).
  • Dilugent® Shaker allows traceability of all dilutions as they are stored in an Excel sheet (not available on Light version).
  • Dilugent Shaker allows safer use of Dilucup with 42 LED lights instead of the 3 or 6 on Dilushaker IIIdigital.
  • With the Dilugent® Shaker it is possible to shake as often as desired without affecting the LED lights. (unthinkable with Dilushaker III digital).
  • Dilushaker® Shaker is perfect for samples diluted in duplicate or triplicate thanks to the "step ahead" function (only on the Pro version).



The Dilugent® Shaker is offered in 3 versions: Dilugent® Shaker Light, Dilugent® Shaker, Dilugent® Shaker Pro. In the standard version, users can trace their actions via export of data via USB memory. The Pro version offers full connectivity (perfect for your LIMS) and advanced programming (ideal if you work with duplicates or triplicates). If you choose the Light version, you can at least do everything you do today with your Dilushaker III digitally and even a little more, but without traceability.