The new Semi-micro balance from Ohaus: The New Adventurer™

Ohaus Adventurer

The balance is the cornerstone of any hardworking laboratory. Ohaus is launching a scale that is more user-friendly and versatile than ever.

The Adventurer™ Semi-Micro Balances are all about innovation, not complication.



Three-level user management increases security and traceability

Includes three-level user management - critical for regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals to ensure strict traceability. 

One administrator, two supervisors and 10 users have preset accessibility




Discover the power of specialized weighing modes and automated functions

With nine application modes, automated functions that eliminate manual calculations and versatile connectivity (including dual USB ports), these balances save time and improve workflow.

Weighing performance:  Delivers stable and reliable weighing results for routine tasks.
Stabilization time: Adventurer's fast stabilization time improves laboratory productivity.
Calibration:  AutoCal™ and external calibration (manual calibration with a calibration weight).



Effortless navigation with a glove-friendly touchscreen interface

The full-color touchscreen works even with protective gloves and offers an intuitive interface.

Nine application modes and functions that eliminate manual calculations.

Six mechanical keys with tactile feedback (tare, zero, calibrate and print).




Space-saving draft screen designed for high accessibility

Draftshield doors are made of two glass panels.

Wide door opening provides unobstructed access and allows larger objects to be easily placed on the scale.

Easy to keep clean to ensure a safe work area by minimizing contamination