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When it comes to hygiene monitoring, you are very active and accurate information is essential. But not all systems are identical. Make things happen with the 3M ™ Clean-Trace ™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System, now redesigned and more reliable. This helps you to quickly prepare your audits and to succeed. It has been designed to give you peace of mind with improved precision and advanced technology. It's time to go. The system comes with luminometer and software, and is used with the ATP UXL100 3M ™ Clean-Trace ™ Surface Cleaner, Water Plus Clean-Trace ™ 3M ™ - ATP Total AQT200 and Clean-Trace ™ Waterless Water 3M ™ to determine the level of contamination in a sample.
Powerful. Flexible. Essential.
The redesigned 3M ™ Clean-Trace ™ luminometer offers improved usability, shorter response time and easy one-handed operation. Its ergonomic design simplifies testing, minimizes training time and costs. And with a higher degree of repeatability and lower variability, you'll get accurate results you can count on. The 3M ™ Clean-Trace ™ Luminometer is supplied with 3M ™ Clean-Trace ™ hygiene monitoring and management software with a newly redesigned dashboard for a quick and easy way to create, store and edit reports. The software transforms data into information, helping you to identify root causes and act quickly. Now, even easier to use and more intuitive, with convenient networking and wireless features. Use your data to identify workplace trends, maximize productivity, and add value to the process.

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