Sterile bag from Interscience

Interscience RollBag

Roll, Stick and that's it!

The Rollbag from Interscience is a sampling bag with a sticker closure for the collection of any liquid or solid sample for the food, medical, veterinary or environmental industries.

The bag has been developed to guarantee optimum sampling conditions and preserve the integrity of the samples. The RollBag can be treated as soft waste that can be crushed and incinerated, thus relegating the waste category to a more economical one. 




The specifications of the Rollbag from Interscience

  • Built-in sticker closure.
  • Single-use sterile packaging.
  • Sturdy: made of Polysilk and puncture proof.
  • Marking zone: easy identification of samples.
  • Extra strong welds: extremely suitable for blending.
  • Safe: sterilised for gamma rays and 'Food contact approved'.
  • 100% metal-free: easy to use in an autoclave and less restriction on waste


Specificaties van de Rollbag van Interscience

Simple waterproof closure

Simply close the RollBag with the built-in sticker and you have a watertight extra secure closure, without the need for extra tools.


Waterproof in four steps

  1. Open the bag via the pre-cut opening
  2. Place the sample in the bag
  3. Roll over the opening three times
  4. Close the bag hermetically



There is a format for every sample

  • Rollbag, 7,5 x 20 cm, 500  stuks
  • Rollbag, 11 x 20 cm, 500 stuks
  • Rollbag, 11 x 25 cm, 500 stuks
  • Rollbag, 14 x 23 cm, 500 stuks
  • Rollbag, 11 x 30 cm, 500 stuks
  • Rollbag, 14 x 33 cm, 500 stuks
  • Rollbag, 17,5 x 30 cm, 500 stuks
  • Rollbag, 17,5 x 40 cm, 500 stuks
  • Rollbag, 25 x 38 cm, 250 stuks
  • Rollbag, 25 x 50 cm, 250  stuks
  • Rollbag, 38 x 56 cm, 250 stuks

Alle zakken zijn goedgekeurd volgens ISO 7218, ISO 6887 en de FDA BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual).

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