Tools that transform microbe isolation for threat detection or discovery - Fast, Easy, Efficient


1. Liquids

The CP Select™

The CP Select™  excels in the rapid concentration of bacteria, molds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells, and viruses from liquid samples up to 5L in minutes.


Evaluation of the impact of concentration and extraction methods on the targeted sequencing of human viruses from wastewater

Advanced preparedness for drinking water emergency: Ensuring safe microbial quality with rapid microbial source tracking and E. coli methods



The EasyElute LVC Kit™

The EasyElute LVC Kit™  excels in the rapid concentration of parasites, bacteria, molds,  fragments, whole cells, and viruses from liquid sample volumes up to 100 L !


Enteric virus removal by municipal wastewater treatment to achieve requirements for potable reuse

NGS techniques reveal a high diversity of RNA viral pathogens and papillomaviruses in fresh produce and irrigation water

2. Air

AirPrep Samplers

AirPrep Samplers collect airborne microbes from 0.01µm to 10 µm using a high flow rate onto a dry electret media. Sample recovery into a liquid is achieved in seconds with the AirPrep Filter & Elution Kit.


Insights From Routine Microbiological Monitoring of Air in Astromaterials Curation Cleanrooms

Investigation of serious crimes using DNA from dust and air


3. Surfaces

Concentrating Pipette

A NASA-developed method: Large-area surface sampling (up to 1 m2) with wipes allows microbes to be recovered from surfaces and objects, the wipe is vortexed briefly in a buffer and concentrated with the Concentrating Pipette for same-shift results using PCR .

Application note:  Large-area surface sampling of critical spaces

Publication:   2021 - Cleanroom microbiome complexity impacts planetary protection bioburden

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