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Each HI 3811 kit includes: 1 dropper bottle of 10 ml with phenolphthalein indicator 1 drop-bottle of 10 ml with Bromophenol Blue indicator HI38110 Reagent HCl Titrant Solution, 1 bottle of 120 ml. Keep reagents out of sunlight and keep bottles closed. 1 calibrated plastic cup of 10 ml and one of 50 ml. 1 calibrated plastic syringe with tip. Range: low: 0.0 to 100.0 mg / l (ppm) CaCO3 high: 0 to 300 mg / l (ppm) CaCO3 Analytical method: titration via milliliters count Quantity of the sample: 5 ml or 15 ml Number of tests: average of 100 Package dimensions: 200x120x60 mm Weight: 460 gr. deekkiiiiiii The Alkalinity is the capacity of water to neutralize acids or bases and is expressed in mg / l Calcium carbonate. The alkalinity is mainly due to hydroxide, carbonates and bicarbonate ions in the water. Other anions (to a lesser extent) also lead to hydrolysed alkalinity phosphates, silicates, borates, fluorides and salts of organic acids. The Hanna test kit determines the phenolphthalein alkalinity (= TAP or TA) as well as the total alkalinity (TAM or TAc, or bicarbonate hardness) in the water by a titrimetric method. For TAP, titration is carried out to pH 8.3 (hydroxide ions and half of the carbonates). At total alkalinity (= TAM or bicarbonate hardness) is titrated to pH 4.5 (all hydroxide ions, carbonates and bicarbonates). The chemical products are safe to use in household and industrial conditions.

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock