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Hanna's HI 96822 digital refractometer is a sturdy, portable, water-resistant device that uses the refractive index measurement to determine the salinity of natural and artificial seawater, ocean water or brackish water. The HI 96822 benefits from Hanna's years of experience as a producer of analytical instruments. This digital refractometer eliminates the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers and is sturdy enough and portable to use at home, in the laboratory, and in the field. The HI 96822 is an optical device that is quick and easy to use. After a simple calibration by the user with distilled or deionized water, a seawater sample can be poured into the sample cell. Within a few seconds, refractive index and temperature are measured and converted into one of the three popular units of measurement: PSU (Practical Salinity Units), salinity in ppt (g / l), or relative density (SG 20/20). All conversion algorithms are based on valued scientific publications that use the physical properties of seawater (not based on sodium chloride, but all types of salts in seawater). Temperature (in ° C) is shown on the large two-part screen at the same time as the measurement, along with low voltage icons and other helpful message codes. The importance of salinity measurements Salinity is a critical measurement in many applications such as aquaculture, environmental control, aquariums, desalination plants, well water and so much more. Until today, the available technology relied on mechanical instruments, such as hydrometers and ocular refractometers, or on high-tech conductivity meters. While user-friendly, ocular refractometers are difficult to obtain a precise measurement and are very susceptible to changes in temperature, hydrometers are, although inexpensive, inconvenient and inaccurate. Conductivity meters that convert into salinity can, in turn, be extremely expensive. The Hanna HI 96822 is the solution for all these problems. It does not weigh much, is easy to use, inexpensive and extremely precise and accurate. With the ability to measure in all three of the most widespread salinity units (PSU, ppt and relative density), it is the ideal tool for any application. A few specific examples when salinity is important. Aquariums Whether it is a large public aquarium with millions of liters of water or a small 60 l aquarium in your home, salinity is a crucial parameter to measure. In closed systems such as this, salinity is easily compromised. When water evaporates, it leaves the salt, which increases salinity. If evaporated water is replaced by freshwater, the salinity is reduced. Disasters can occur in both situations. If you use Hanna's digital refractometer to accurately measure salinity, this will prevent all errors. Environment Salinity is almost always a required measurement when an environmental check or pollution study takes place. Salinity can affect many processes such as gas metabolism, reproduction and growth development. When you check the effect of pollution, it is important to ensure that a salinity change has no additional impact. Spring water In coastal areas, the freshwater layer (or groundwater level) lies next to the saltwater layer. This water layer often provides drinking water for the local population. If too many sources sink, or if too much water is extracted from the water layer, the groundwater level may fall so low that salt water can penetrate. The groundwater level is then contaminated. Aquatic culture Young salmon start their lives in freshwater. When they grow, they reach a phase (smoltification) when they switch to salt water. When breeding salmon, it is very important to maintain the correct salinity levels during every phase of life, to prevent unnecessary stress that could negatively affect growth and development. Salinity is a necessary parameter to accurately control when eggs and larvae are to be grown, when juvenile and adult growth is to be optimized and when live food such as cogs and small lobsters are to be grown. Easy operation Home screens When the HI 96822 is turned on, test screens are displayed, followed by the remaining percentage of battery voltage and the measurement status. Unit selection Simply press the range key to scroll through the measurement units of the HI 96822: PSU, ppt and relative density. Temperature units (° C / ° F) can also be easily changed. Calibration Perform a quick and easy calibration after start-up: use a plastic pipette, completely cover the prism in the sample cell with distilled or deionized water, press the zero key.

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Delivery status: in stock

Delivery status: in stock