Nemis Technologies' new rapid test for E. Coli

Nemis incubator

Why choose this quick test?

  • On site: no lab required
  • Fast: 16 hours
  • Simple: no specific training required
  • Safe: closed system from sampling to detection
  • Convenient: only 4 steps
  • Economical: more tests for the same budget


Just four steps

The principe : AquaSpark technology

The N-LightTM tests are powered by the patented AquaSparkTM technology. The light reaction emitted from highly sensitive chemiluminescent molecules is specifically triggered by an enzyme produced by Escherichia coli when alive. Using a NEMIS luminometer, the light from this chemical reaction can be accurately measured in relative light units (RLU). Test results above the validated threshold give a presumptive positive result. As a member of the faecal Enterobacteriaceae group, E. coli serves as an alarm for the hygienic status of food processing facilities and can indicate the presence of other harmful bacteria.