Baker Bugbox AX: a new generation anaerobic workstation


Accurate, stable anaerobic atmosphere in a compact format

The smallest interlock anaerobic workstation in terms of bench area.  Ideal for the jump from pots to workstation. Economical in use:

  • Reliable and provides a stable atmosphere
  • Always an optimal environment for anaerobes
  • Low cost - fits into most budgets



Technical specifications Bugbox AX

- External dimensions: 790mm x 679mm x 872mm (W x D x H)

- Internal dimensions: 540mm x 546mm x 535mm (W x D x H)

- Extra 200 mm height compared to the old Bugbox for greater capacity

- Maximum capacity (90mm petri dishes): 270 petri dishes


Interlock specifications Bugbox AX

- Interlock internal dimensions:149mm x 253mm x 285mm (W x D x H)

- Interlock capacity: 30 plates (2 large petri dish holders)

- Interlock rinsing time: 30 sec


Touchscreen specifications

  • - Temperature control: ambient temperature +5 to + 45 °C
  • - Standard humidity control
  • - Data recording on SD card (data kept for one year, temperature and humidity)
  • - Historical data on screen, one week
    • - Alarm functions
    • - Forced demand on/off
  • - O2 monitoring function with O2 sensor (optional accessory, added to logging)

Why a new Bugbox AX?

  • - 2 models in one - compact footprint of the old BB, Interlock capacity of the BB Plus
  • - Larger plate capacity in the same small size
  • - Slim, modern design with touchscreen controls
  • - Easy surface cleaning for enhanced sterility
  • - Economical in use and low investment costs

Standard accessories Bugbox AX

- Palladium catalyst
- Detox bag
- Ezee Sleeves (1 pair)
- Internal stretch
- Internal light
- Petri dish holders (2)
- Anaerobic indicator strips
- Aquasorb bags (2)
- Cleaning kit



Optional accessories

- Anaerobic monitoring and display
- Single plate entry system (SPES)
- Internal socket
- Single cable gland
- Universal cable gland (up to 6)
- Connection for vacuum
- Ezee cuff (gloveless & sleeveless entry system)