How do you get the most out of your moisture analyzer?

Getting the Most Out of Your Moisture Analyzer

Moisture content is of great importance in various industries such as food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. To ensure optimal results, it is crucial to own a high-quality moisture analyzer and be able to maintain and operate it efficiently.

The influence of moisture is far-reaching. It can affect drug efficacy, food quality, texture and weight of various manufactured goods. In weight-dependent industries, neglecting proper moisture control can lead to significant financial losses.

In addition to its role in quality control, moisture analysis plays a crucial role in meeting regulatory standards, especially in areas such as pharmaceuticals. Failure to meet these standards can lead to product defects, reduced production and loss of customers. The practice of moisture analysis is of immense importance because of these potential consequences.

Given its indispensable role, moisture analyzers have become an integral part of many work environments. Essentially, they function as laboratory scales with integrated heating elements to calculate the moisture content in materials by testing small samples. Methods of moisture analysis include several techniques. The process usually involves controlled heating of the sample and continuous measurement of mass change over time.

In the food processing industry, a moisture analyzer is a versatile tool. Applications extend to assessing the quality of raw ingredients, testing intermediate samples and supporting quality control at the final product stage.

How to get the most out of your moisture analyser

  1. Place the instrument on a stable surface, such as a fixed table, and make sure that the wheels of the table are securely attached.
  2. Choose a workplace away from open windows, vents, or spinning fans to avoid potential disruption to your readings.
  3. Minimize floor traffic around your work area, as movement and vibration can affect the accuracy of your results. Avoid the risk of someone bumping into the work table.
  4. Make sure the device is clean to avoid cross-contamination and dirt.
  5. Choose a moisture analyzer that is easy to clean. 
  6. Keep the temperature and humidity in the room constant and within a reasonable range.
  7. Regularly calibrate weight and temperature to ensure accurate results and prevent damage to the samples.
  8. Use the lid to protect the moisture analyzer from accidental spills and scratches.
  9. Allow the device to warm up before use for optimal performance.

By following these guidelines, you will not only achieve consistently accurate results, but also extend the life of your moisture analyzer.

An overview of Ohaus models

Depending on your specific application needs, OHAUS has a moisture analyzer that meets your needs. For basic applications, the MB25 and MB27 models are easy to operate and provide reliably accurate results. Both models feature a 90mm pan, backlit LCD display, in-use lid, presets and a timer. Both are suitable for temperature ranges from 50° to 160° C. The MB23 uses an infrared coil for heating and measures moisture levels up to 10 mg (0.1%) with a maximum sample capacity of 110 g. The MB27 uses a halogen lamp to heat samples up to 90 g with moisture levels up to 1 mg (0.01%).

For more advanced applications, OHAUS offers the MB90 and MB120 moisture analyzers. Both models have a 90 mm pan, halogen lamp, multiple communication ports (two USBs and RS232), a 4.3 in full-color touchscreen WQVGA display, protective cover, timer and presets. Both can measure moisture levels as low as 1 mg (0.01%). The MB90 has a maximum sample capacity of 90 g and a temperature range of 40° to 200° C. The top model MB120 can handle a sample capacity of 120 g and an impressive temperature range of 40° to 230° C.





Ohaus MB120

Get started quickly with SmartGuide™. This revolutionary feature automatically analyzes a sample and creates a method, taking the guesswork out of initial setup.

The MB120 can produce fast and accurate results thanks to features such as a halogen heating system, customizable shutdown criteria and four built-in drying profiles.

The MB120 can store up to 100 methods and 1,000 measurement results. Saved results can be exported and methods can be shared across multiple devices.

Ohaus MB90

Halogen heating increases efficiency for faster results.

Intuitive touchscreen menu provides step-by-step guidance for any application.

Tool-free cleaning for easy maintenance.



Ohaus MB27

With an accuracy of 0.01% 0.001g, the MB27 moisture analyzer is suitable for most applications.

Halogen heating and dual weight-temperature calibration ensure fast, reliable results.

User-friendly touch-button design for easy operation.

Ohaus MB25

Halogen heating and dual weight-temperature calibration ensure fast, reliable results.

User-friendly touch-button design for easy operation.

Easy-to-clean heating chamber is ideal for frequent use.

Ohaus MB 23

Glassless infrared heating increases efficiency for faster results.

User-friendly touch-button design for easy operation.

Compact design fits into any workspace.