Baker Ruskinn: luxury accommodation for cells

Baker Ruskinn

Make your Cells Happy with these 3 innovations from Ruskinn


Transport your cells everywhere, watch them growing any time,
without changing their physoxia environment.
YES, it’s now the reality!


Portable stable environment

Condocell : Cells transport without disrupting the culture conditions!

CondoCell allows users for the first time to take their perfect continuous physiological oxygen environment out of their workstation or tri-gas incubator.

Each CondoCell:

  • Retains set CO2 and O2 conditions determined by incubator or workstation

  • Retains ambient heat within 2˚C of desired temp for up to 15 minutes without an external heating source.

  • Internal media temp coming soon

  • Retains humidity at setpoint for over an hour.

  • Glass top and bottom for up to 20X imaging without leaving its physiological ideal environment

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Small is powerfull : Ph0x2 Box

Your small culture volumes have now their adapted Chamber comprised
an intelligent gas mixer.

PhO2x Box is comprised of a Gas Controller and Cell Culture Chamber, and is designed for in vivo cell cultures using plates and small flasks, not live animals.

The Cell Culture chamber module can be placed into any incubator, and the Gas Controller remains outside.

PhO2x Box can accommodate a range of 6,12,24,96 well plates and some smaller flask.

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OxyGenius, your entry into Physoxia!

OxyGenius is a mobile low oxygen environment for cell biology research.

A miniaturized incubation platform, OxyGenius delivers researchers with a small, portable and continuous physoxic (or hypoxic) environment for short term physiological oxygen and temperature-controlled studies

OxyGenius is a key tool for use in proof-of-concept or start-up validation for physiological cell culture within your lab, with minimal risk. All life science related research can now utilize technology delivering controlled, physiologically relevant conditions at an economical price!



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