Gosselin: new range of serological pipettes

Corning - Gosselin


The main characteristics are:

  •  one-piece construction (5ml, 10ml, 25ml) to a 2-piece (5ml) or 3-piece (10ml & 25ml) construction,
  •  coloured cotton that disappears in favour of white cotton (colour code printed on the pipette
  •  the batch number printed on the paper migrates to the opening tab of the individual bags (engraved in plastic)
  •  the country of origin (now USA)
  •  the boxes are now smaller and therefore less heavy to carry
  • a- scale of graduation with larger, more readable numbers

 What doesn't change / what's more

  •  No pyrogen (lower endotoxin level <0.125EU/ml compared to <0.5EU/ml previously)
  •  RNAse/DNAse free
  •  BSE/TSE free (new)
  •  Non-toxic according to the USP Class VI Chapter standard <87> and <88> (previously non-cytotoxic ISO 10993)
  •  Institution certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (ISO 9001 only previously)

How to adapt your order references ?

We have planned everything at Led techno. We automatically adapt the references so that you can benefit, in a transparent way, directly from its new pipettes.

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