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IFM Quality Services Pty Ltd is a dynamic company dedicated to all aspects of laboratory quality assurance. IFM is requested by a wide range of organisations, including accreditation bodies, regulatory authorities, government agencies and private companies. As a fully independent, privately owned company, they guarantee services that are objective, impartial and completely confidential. Their mission is to help laboratories improve and maintain the quality of their analyses by providing laboratory quality products and services. Their means to achieve this goal are offering proficiency testing program, reference materials and consulting services.

IFM offers a program-based approach to support consistency over time and between analysts. A laboratory's performance should never be judged on the basis of a single proficiency program. In accordance with ISO/IEC 17043 (Cert. 3189-02), they provide real materials in concentrations and forms that closely mimic the types of materials customers would normally submit.

Proficiency tests that take place regularly (such as their monthly program) ensure that every analyst can be scheduled to participate. This gives lab managers insight into the reality of their lab performance.This approach gives a true picture of your lab's daily performance.


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