Interscience: new: the smart pipetting bag

Interscience bag

Bagfilter Pipet & Roll Bags

Research into pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella analyzes requires different sampling from the same sample bag. The built-in sticker on the Pipet & Roll filter bag offers excellent ergonomics for easy pipetting without re-opening the bag from above. The lower pipetting height makes it easy to work, prevents musculoskeletal disorders and is ideal for pipette cones from pre-enrichment bags for pathogens. With the sticker on the top of the bags you can immediately seal the bag watertight with the sample. Storage is easy with the BagRack Slide.

What's new?

  • Smart sticker bag: quick closure of the bag and easy pipetting
  • Time-saving: saves manipulation steps
  • Safe: avoids cross-contamination risks
  • Great ergonomics: musculoskeletal disorders avoided
  • Extra resistant: the closure of the bag can withstand a pressure of up to 5 kg

3 models

  •  BagFilter Pipet & Roll: quick closure of the bag & easy pipetting
  •  BagFilter pipette: easy pipetting
  •  BagFilter Roll: quick closure of the bag

Technical specifications

  • Built-in seal sticker / resealable easy pipetting sticker
  • Ideal for pipetting
  • Approved for contact with food
  • Bag with side filter
  • Multi-layer, multi-layer reinforced complex
  • Stiff and transparent
  • Gamma radiation treated
  • The filtration of the sample takes place during its homogenization
  • No risk of cross-contamination
  • The particle-free filtrate is the guarantee for efficient analysis and ideal for automatic plating and colony counting


BagFilter Pipet & Roll has been specially adapted for Pathogen research (Listeria and Salmonella research).