Interscience: the manual colony counter Scan®100

Interscience: de manuele kolonieteller Scan 100

The Scan®100 is a high-tech manual colony counter that makes user-friendly operation and comfort possible. An asset for the accurate counting of colonies on all types of media (boxes with Petri, Petrifi ™, filter membranes). A unique LED lighting system with Dark Field technology gives you an accurate and high-contrast image of the colonies. The integrated USB port enables export and traceability of results without prior software installation (PC / Mac).



Interscience has designed a new white LED lighting system with a long lifespan. Their arrangement in a circle ensures an optimized contrast and marks each colony for accurate and fast counting.


1. Ergonomic

  •   Use of all types of pens / markers
  •   Hand foam made of foam
  •   Sloping reading surface

2. Adjustable LED lighting

  • Brightness adjustable via the "lighting wheel"
  • Indirect lighting, the operator is not blinded
  • LED: ultra-resistant, produces no heat, no wear parts

3. Tellling of all types:

  • Petri plates from 55 mm to 150 mm
  • Petrifilm ™
  • Filtration membranes

4. Traceability:

  • Data export via USB, LIMS, ExcelTM: save time, avoid errors when rewriting results

5. Storage space:

  •   For grids and white background

6. Surface with adjustable sensitivity

  •   Intuitive counting of coupled touch pulse and an audible signal
  •   Sensitivity adjustable via the "sensitivity" wheel