Led techno now sells Bluephage products

Bluephage sold by Led techno

Led Techno now sells Bluephage's products. Bluephage Rapid Kits are revolutionising the water industry.

Bluephage is a biotechnology company specialising in producing test kits to identify faecal and viral indicators in water. They use a new patented technology to detect coliphages in water.

One for a new approach to water quality analysis. This approach will revolutionise the way water quality is monitored worldwide and will be the closest approach to real-time monitoring.

Key features

  • Fast result: less than 6.5 hours
  • Easy to use: basic lab required
  • Easy to store: biological material at -20°C, rest of the compenents room temperature
  • Accurate test: lower limit of 1 cfu/100 ml
  • Effective test results: presence/absence, quantitative



An overview of the products

Fast kit Detection Somatic Coliphage 50p

Rapid detection of somatic coliphages in 100 mL sample using Bluephage's patented technology. Quantitative kit.


Fast kit Detection Somatic Coliphage P/A 50p

Rapid detection of somatic coliphages in 100 mL sample using Bluephage patented technology. Presence/absence kit


Adv. kit Somatic Coliphages in DW 10p 10705-2

Enumeration for somatic coliphages for drinking water based on the ISO 10705-2 method

Ref:  BPBP1604

Adv. kit enum. Somatic Coliphages 70p 10705-2

Enumeration of somatic coliphages according to the ISO 10705-2 method

Ref: BPBP1601