In the field of microbiology, mechanics, softwareprogrammering in elektronica. Het combineen van de ervaring uit verschillende disciplines is een sleutelfactor bij het ontwikkelen van instrumenten of toepassingen.

Dilucup in Dilusaker zijn central elementen in het ontwerp van de applicaties die door LabRobot zijn ontwikkeld. Bij de ontwikkeling van het innovatieve seriële verdunningssysteem van het bedrijf, Dilucup, combines LabRobot of modernste mix van staal in microbiology.





Advantages of the Dilucup system

• Cost saving
Calculating all costs for producing your own dilution tubes The cost savings through the use of Dilucup will be considerable.

• Save time
The time it takes to perform a dilution with Dilucup is more or less dependent on how quickly you can change pipette tips - no more movement of tubes back and forth to the vortex mixer. The calculated time saving is approximately 10 seconds / tube compared to the traditional method.

• Preventing work injury
Holding the tube while shaking it on the Vortex mixer and moving it back and forth can cause serious injury to the work.

• Increased quality
The dilution process is standardized and consistent (same time and speed for all dilutions). By using highly accurate filling machines, gamma sterilization and accurate quality control, a higher quality product can be guaranteed. The Dilucups are delivered with a quality certificate.

• Easy to store and long-lasting
The sealed Dilucup boxes can be stored at normal room temperature for 12 months. After opening, the package with the dilucups no longer has the original expiry date and must therefore not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 2 months. The original volume of the media in the cups will change if the package remains open and at normal room temperature.


The new Dilugent® Shaker: a new tool for a safer and traceable use of Dilucup Elegance!

Dilugent® Shaker is designed to provide a more efficient and repeatable workflow when making dilutions, in addition to saving up to 50% of the time spent compared to traditional methods.