Ortner Cleanrooms Unlimited

Ortner has been a strong and reliable partner in the field of cleanroom technology since 1985. Customers all over the world rely on Ortner's expertise.

What does Ortner stand for ...
Experts in cleanroom technology
They developed their own expertise and experience in the field of cleanroom technology for 30 years. A strong focus lies on the development and production of innovative systems and technologies for a wide range of cleanroom requirements. A broad portfolio of customers coming from different sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, healthcare, the semiconductor industry and the food industry.
Leaders in innovation
A pioneering spirit and a strong R&D team ensure that they are European leaders in innovation in cleanroom technology. They focus on creating environments that are microbiologically clean and free from other particles with hub equipment, systems and technologies.
System supplier
Cleanliness is their top priority. They are system suppliers for airlocks, insulators, clean air systems and decontamination processes. Ortner offers solutions for fast, safe and reliable clean room processes to protect people, products, animals, research work and the environment against pollution sources and particles.