Air disinfection of rooms

The concept

The Phileas® airborne disinfection system is based on a patented technology that uses a turntable. In this way an active stimulus in the form of a microscopic drop is released into the atmosphere.

The Phileas® range is a product coupling system that is suitable for handling various volumes. This can range from a limited (less than 1 m³) to a very large area (a few thousand m³), but also in the various configurations. (various heights, multiple spaces).

What is air disinfection?

The Airborne disinfection system is an innovative way to disinfect volumes, spaces and installations. The installation creates a fog that is spread evenly in an enclosed space and comes into contact with all surfaces.

The disinfection process should be a standard procedure after cleaning the sensitive areas. In addition, it also displays hard-to-reach places such as high-lying places or even closed spaces for disinfection.

This method may only be applied when the room is completely cleared, so that there is no risk for the user.

Why choose Airborne?

The inherent limitations of the critical production process and medical activities require a permanent check for bio-contamination.

To achieve this, it is necessary to establish hygiene control procedures that ensure that a certain degree of purity is always met. (this for both the particle side and the micro-biological side). In this way an optimal and safe production process is guaranteed.

Within the range of various disinfection methods, one method has the absolute upper hand. This is due to its simplicity and its high efficiency:

Airborne Disinfection

  1. The imposed processes for the food and pharmaceutical industry require production in a healthy environment.
  2. The cosmetic sector where allergen preservatives are used less and less, is also required to carry out a check in its product manufacturing areas.
  3. Laboratories that manipulate microorganisms or hazardous substances are required to use disinfectants to prevent contamination of the external environment.
  4. The healthcare sector must submit a tailor-made plan of approach based on the different situations. (infection control, pandemics, work, decontamination of a room)

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