An easy way to detect Listeria monocytogenes

Nemis Technologies - N-LightTM test - set

Where conventional methods fall short in terms of speed, ease of use and cost, NEMIS understands the importance of providing reliable data as quickly as possible. NEMIS tackles the current challenge by offering a rapid and cost-effective lab-free screening tool.


What makes the product of Nemis technologies so special?

NEMIS produces the N-LightTM  L. Monocytogenes which is a qualitative test for rapid detection of the foodborne bacterial pathogen. The great advantage of this method is:

  • Results are obtained 24 hours after incubation.
  • The tests are very sensitive
  • And the tests are designed to be performed on-site without any laboratory infrastructure.


Is the method N-Light L. Monocytogenes certified?

N-LightTM  L. Monocytogenes has been certified in the AOAC® Performance Tested Methods Program and validated against the reference method ISO 11290-1:2017.


NEMIS Technologies produces the N-LightTML. Monocytogenes test, what is this?

The N-LightTM L. monocytogenes is a qualitative test for rapid detection of Listeria monocytogenes.

It is for use in food processing areas and equipment as part of an environmental monitoring program. The test are powered by the patented AquasparkTM technology


Where can I use this test?

Hot spots where product contamination should be sampled. Have a look at your HACCP-plan. The test can be used in any facility who is involved in food production (cheese, meat, fish, fresh and leafy greens, …)


What is the real advantage of using the N-Light L. Monocytogenes test?

  • You can use it on-site, you don’t need a lab.
  • The test is a closed system from sampling to detection, so no risk of contamination.
  • It’s a rapid test (24 hours).
  • It’s very convenient: no sample preparation is required.
  • It easy-to-use: no experience is required.
  • You only need to perform 5 steps: swab, insert, incubate, release and measure.
  • AOAC certificate.


Other rapid tests

Nemis technologies also has other rapid tests available, including :


NEMIS Technologies AG

NEMIS Technologies AG is a Swiss biotechnology company which develops simple, safe, and on-site pathogen testing solutions for accelerated microbiological detection in food safety. It was founded by Tel Aviv University and Biosynth AG in 2018. And in 2021 they were in the Top 15 Swiss Biotech Startups. Their mission is: ‘Safe food is a human right’. They are committed to empower food producers to provide food of the highest quality and safety.