Deltalab is a leading company in design and manufacturing of single use labware.

Please find here the different product ranges:

  1. Microbiology
    Swabs, Petri dishes, loops, tubes, pipettes, stomacher bags, bottles
  2. Molecular biology
    PCR tubes and plates, racks
  3. Haematology and biochemistry
    Serum tubes,
  4. Histology
    Jars, containers,
  5. Microscopy and staining
  6. Sampling and transport
    Whirl-Pak bags, bottles,
  7. Tubes and microtubes
    Polystyrene tubes, conical tubes, glass tubes, microtubes, caps, 
  8. Sample containers
    Polystyrene/polypropylene containers,
  9. Liquid handling
    Tips, pipettes,
  10. Sample storage and cryogenics
    Vials, caps, microtubes, racks,
  11. Safety
    Containers, tape, strips, glasses, wash bottles,
  12. General labware
    Measuring cylinders, Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, funnels, scoops, trays,
  13. Laboratory and industrial packaging
    Jars, beakers, containers, bottles,